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If you are new to Spell It Out Co, here are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear about! These Q&A’s will serve as a guide to help you learn more about our custom yard sign services…

If your zip code is within a delivery area the website will route you automatically to the closest location.

Depending on your location, the delivery area can be extended.

We deliver rain or shine. Rain is NO problem at all. Our signs are made of high-quality waterproof materials.

We do watch out though for strong winds as they may damage the signs or make the overall greeting display less pleasing.

We will contact you if we believe strong winds may affect your greeting.

Unfortunately, no as the greetings are for rental use only.

The signs are the property of Spell It Out Co and instrumental to our rental business. Please do not move, remove or store the signs to keep them from being damaged.

A “Happy 5th Birthday Mason” sign using individual letters in two rows, which is most of what you see in the gallery, stretches about 18 feet across the yard.

We also offer a “Mini” greeting, which is a great alternative for smaller yards! These can still be personalized with a name, age, and graphics. If you are concerned about space, please contact us to discuss options.

We ask that you schedule mowing for before delivery or after removal.

Mowers and trimmers will damage the signs.

Please water your lawn on the day of installation for at least 20-30 minutes.

If it has rained the day of your set up, then there is no need to water. A freshly mowed lawn looks best, but please cancel any lawn maintenance that would occur while your greeting is in the yard.

Do not cut grass or edge around yard signs. Please also turn off any sprinkler systems during setup and removal times.

It is also very helpful if you leave your porch light on as this will help us during your greeting set up.

If the greeting is a gift for someone else, please notify at least one adult at the location that we will be in their yard.

Please do not move or remove the signs as damage may occur.

If you would like the greeting removed prior to the scheduled pick up time, please call your local Spell It Out Co and they will make arrangements for pick up as soon as possible.


Sometimes you just have to have a BIG party to celebrate everything! Graduations, Anniversaries, Homecomings, Baby Showers, School and Church events, etc! Our goal is to make people smile!

Prices vary per location.

Cost includes your customized greeting such as (Happy 8th Birthday Clay, Congrats Parker & Michaela, Happy 25th Anniversary Dawson and Brooklynn, Happy Retirement Cole) and typically includes stars, balloons, cake or cupcakes, presents, and other fun graphic signs based on age, interest, and celebration theme.

Your local Spell It Out Co will deliver, set up and remove your greeting approximately 24 hours after it was set up unless other arrangements have been made.

Have additional questions? We are here to help.

Ask us anything…we understand that you may have a unique circumstance. If you could not find your question in our FAQ section, send it to us here!


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